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We know that life can seem like a repetitive cycle of waking up, eating, working and sleeping. And that the daily grind can fill our minds and bodies with negative energy and stress. That’s why we created Kindred Spirit Wellness Centre, so our community has a place to return to self-exploration, self-discovery, and sharing a journey with other like-minded individuals.


We are proud to have incredibly gifted and experienced psychics and healers as members of our soul team.

They are fully committed to creating a welcoming, encouraging and loving environment for everyone who visits the centre.

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Alison Maiden

Alison is the founder of Kindred Spirit Wellness Centre. Alison is a world renowned Psychic Medium and She has been exploring the metaphysical world since she was a child. She is an Energy Healer, Reiki Master/Teacher and Metaphysical Lecturer. 

James Correll

James comes from a long line of psychics and healers, from a young age he was encouraged to develop his psychic and healing gifts. He feels it’s in his blood to share with others how to overcome obstacles and assist them to become the best versions of themselves. 

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Gerlinda Stella

Gerlinda is a psychic medium, Reiki healer, meditation teacher and personal stylist. She'll show you how to awaken your intuition, connect with your higher self, develop a meditation practice and reinvent your style. 


Awakening Your Psychic Potential, Tarot, House Clearing and Energy Balancing and UFO workshops.


Energy Healings, Reiki Healings, Crystal Healings, Lords of Karma Healings, Bio Resonance Healings.


Reiki I, Reiki II, Reiki Masters, Seichim, Seichim Masters, Karuna Reiki I & II, Karuna Masters.


Psychic Readings, Mediumship Readings, Soul Readings, Past Life Readings, Intuitive Guidance. 


Meditation is easy to do with little or no experience. We have classes for beginners to advanced. 


Spiritual Counselling, Intuitive Counselling, Life Coaching, Mind Coaching.


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Kindred Spirit

4/161 Aumuller St, Bungalow, Cairns, 4870, QLD

Ph: 0409280561

Email: info@alisonmaiden.com


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